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Still scribbling, after all these years
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Seven Short Stories

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He saw no-one. The land was as empty as the mountains he'd left, yet half a day later as he came in sight of a distant, shimmering city of towers he was accosted by four horsemen. He'd watched them approaching from afar, and as they wheeled in front of him he'd held his head high, unafraid. They took him, roughly tethered behind a horse, to the gates of a palace which opened to the greatest wonders he'd ever seen...
--The Immortal King

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She mused on the prospect of leaving – delicious on the one hand, worrying on the other. Do people really leave home at sixty-two? What do they leave behind? Thirty-one years - half her lifetime - and everything else. He could keep it all though, and she would start again, in a different place. She longed for the relief of being alone, could weep for it.
--The Beautiful Greyness of the World

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"Safe area Sardinia, repeat Sardinia. Use main roads only. Do not travel in darkness. Stay on main road, stay in locked vehicle sunset to sunrise, you will be safe. Leave immediately..."
--The World Alongside Us
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NEW!   Seven Short Stories

Seven short stories that will take you to different cultures, times and places - from an ancient kingdom to an impossible mystery, from distractions in Venice to the imaginings and needs of people seeking change. Serious tales as well as humour, from a psychopath on a mission to the unsolvable mysteries of a parallel world, from a ruthless king who imagined himself to be immortal to one woman's dash for freedom and another's gentle act of revenge. Seven short stories to intrigue and entertain.

The eBook is offered as PAY WHAT YOU WANT so treat yourself to a free download, or encourage me with a contribution -- it's up to you!

Download eBook, or buy paperback here: Buy

The eBook is offered as PAY WHAT YOU WANT so treat yourself to a free download, or encourage me with a contribution -- it's up to you!

Download eBook, or buy paperback here: Buy Book

The Gentle RiverTo be published soon
Alice Rossetti's Story

The Gentle River cover

On a dead December day in 1996, Alice Rossetti Greerson finds something that powerfully links her to Captain Phillip Rossetti, her beloved ancestor. It replaces the perfect love she thought she'd found, and continues a journey that took her from a lost boy in France to a husband who failed her, leading finally to the tragic obsession that changes her life forever. In a story that ranges from the English port of Bristol at the end of its years in the slave trade to the tranquility of the Wye Valley, Alice weaves a tangled web she could never have imagined, and she craves forgiveness for the secret crime she fears she will never be free of.

This is a novel with wide appeal beyond mainstream women's writing, with deep character development and evocative descriptions of Bristol and the Welsh border country, along with a powerful historical element.

UpriverTo be published soon
Peter Matthew Bennett's History

Upriver cover

Upriver is a companion volume to The Gentle River, and is the story of the Rossetti and Bennett families, from 1757 to 1996.

A novella-length, in-depth account of the intrigues and turbulent times of Alice Rossetti's ancestors, from their beginnings in Genoa in the north of Italy, through their Bristol years and up to the mid-nineties and the time of Alice's troubles. Upriver expands upon the historical events and the characters from history which form part of the storyline of The Gentle River, in which the writing of this History by Alice's grandfather Peter Matthew Bennett takes place.

Upriver will also stand on its own, and can be read without reference to the novel.

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