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Limerence is often called love, but it is not; it is a compulsive desire for one person above all others, along with a mind-altering, desperate need to be acknowledged by that person.

The Limerence of Alice Rossetti

The novel follows Alice's struggle to fulfil her long-held belief in perfect love, and deals with longing, disappointment, and forgiveness, with promises kept and broken; the vivid historical strand running through the story – so vital to her – brings to life the ancestors she's proud of and those she would rather forget; the English port of Bristol holds them all and the unblemished life of her hero Captain Phillip Rossetti guides her through the fantasies of her youth to the calamity she is helpless to avoid.


Peter Matthew Bennett's History

Upriver is a companion volume to The Limerence of Alice Rossetti, and is the story of the Rossetti and Bennett families, from 1757 to 1996.

A novella-length, in-depth account of the intrigues and turbulent times of Alice Rossetti's ancestors, from their beginnings in Genoa in the north of Italy, through their Bristol years and up to the mid-nineties and the time of Alice's troubles. Upriver expands upon the historical events and the characters from history which form part of the storyline of The Limerence of Alice Rossetti, in which the writing of this History by her grandfather Peter Matthew Bennett takes place.

Upriver will also stand on its own, and can be read without reference to the novel.